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Founding Objectives

The institute of new congress was founded in the year of 1990, by the joint force of legislators and researchers from the Democratic Progressive Party. In 1990, the Legislative Yuan was still occupied by the never-reelected old representatives. The formation of the institute of new congress is in the principles of democracy, social movement, policy orientation and grass-roots. The goal then was, with the engaged pursuit of reformation of the congress, with dedication to policy research and bill formation, to reconstruct the functionality of a true congress.


Projects of 1995

Four long-term projects are in the top list of 1995 agenda of the Institute of New Congress¡G
  1. Planing of Social Welfare System
  2. Planing of Nation Lands and Development Projects of Land Utilization
  3. Promoting National Information Infrastructure Construction
  4. Task Forces for Community Development

Legislators in the Institute of New Conrgess

The constituent member legislators of the institute of new congress can be divided in two stages in time. Before the congress was under true general (re-)election in 1992, there were five members : Mr. C.C.Hong, Mr.C.Y. Dai, Mr. S.Y.Lu, Mr. C.S. Lee and Ms. C.L.Yeh. From the second term (Feb, 1993) on, ten legislators had joined the institute. Mr. L.C. Fun withdrawed later. Currently the nine member legislators are :
C. C. Hong M. H. Tsai
S. Y. Lu C. S. Lin
C. C. Ong S. C. Peng
H. C. Su C. J. Jan
C. C. Chu
C. S. Liu
C. F. Lin

Accomplishment in the past :

In the past four years, the new congress has gained great achievement in policy-making process and legislation process :

    in the area of bill formation :
  1. Draft of Taiwan-China Relation Act
  2. Draft of Law for Referendum
  3. Draft of Labor and Capital Dispute Act
  4. Draft of Basic Laws of Algriculture
  5. Draft on Regulations on Aged Pension (April, 1993)
  6. Draft on Regulations on Housing Subsidy (1995)
    in area of policy making:
  1. Textbook Reform Project : White paper on textbooks for elementary schools and junior high schools
  2. Action Alliance for Saving the "13-Shop Culture Ruin"
  3. Report of land reform policy
  4. Scrutiny of the budget of the Commitee for Retired Servicemen (1994)
  5. General Investigation into the budget of state-owned corporates (1994)
  6. Investigation into the budget of social welfare (1993, 1994,1995) ¡


  1. The New Congress (vol.1-4)
  2. Q&A Manual about Aged Pensions
  3. Dignity and Justice : Q&A Manual about Aged Pensions and Citizen Annuity.

Directors of the Institute of New Congress

Research Staffs of New Congress

Contact Us:

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