Taipei Association for the Promotion of Women's Rights (TAPWER)

Who are we?

Please get to know the Taipei Association for the Promotion of Women's Rights (TAPWER)
We are:
Taipei Association for the Promotion of Women's Rights
Abbreviated as:
Taipei Women's Right Association
Purple Sisters Association
We registered with the Bureau of Social Welfare on February 5, 1994.

What are we doing?

Raising women's status, Fighting for women's rights and welfare, promoting the gender equality
Following the economic development and fast-paced society change in the past 30 years, women's situations have a lot of changes. The traditional roles played by men and women are facing a lot of challenges. Due to the improved highereducational levels and financial independence, Women today have more opportunities for choices than before. One wouldexpect a gradual development of a gender-equal society following the progress of the society plus the condition of women's possesion of self-choice. However, the existence the problems of sex violence, marriage violence, labor inequality between men and women,women's getting poorer and old women's being poor and lonely, female infants' evaporation(abortion)....etc. demonstrates that women's human rights are still very limited, and that women's condition is urgently in need of improvement.

í@í@We believe that the only way to improve women's current condition is to form women's organizations at various locations allowing every woman to know that when she is in dire situ- ations, she knows where to ask for help from sisters who would support her and stand behind her.

í@í@Therefore, the first women's organization emphasizing the positioning of the locals and the organizing of power of action--Taipei Association for the Promtion of Women's Rights-was born on Feb. 5th, 1994.

í@í@Firstly, we will rebuild the forgotten experiences of the Taiwan women and will work to understand how the women struggle to survive on this land in the past. Then, we will build the Taiwan history inclusive of women's experiences. We believe that the contemporary women's movement in Taiwan has to be rooted locally before it will bring needed benefits to the locals and continue to grow strong.

í@í@Secondly,we will promote both the welfare rights and the equality rights allowing both genders to have more choices about their living styles and participations in the society. What we are fighting for is not just equality rights but requesting the government to build a better welfare system taking good care of the old, the weak, the sick, and the crippled ones, not allowing women to become free family laborer without financial security.

í@í@We will push hard for the amendments to labor equality laws and family laws. We will lead family of different forms, such as singles, single families, to get equal distribution of resources. We hope even to awaken the society's concerns and bring them to work together to help old women to have respected later years.

í@í@In the current years, the political society changes sharply, the search for democracy and peace is advancing forward quickly. Different minority organizations get together to unite their power in pronouncing their concept of society revolution and in fighting for more space for equal society. We elect to form the `TAPWER to promote women's movement hoping to increase womenn's participation in strengthening women's power. We are willing to work with the environmental groups, the labor groups, the disabled groups, the aboriginal groups to build a new Taiwan society, to postion locally, to act practically bringing in a peaceful and harmonious equal gender society.

What we have done and going to do:

Lists of works in action or in review:

Are you willing to join us in fighting for the gender equality?

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í╝ book reading group í╝ women's self-awareness gropu
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í╝ child care task force í╝ strategy study
í╝ investigation research

Taipei Association for the Promotion of Women's Rights (TAPWER)

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