Fl. 2, No.7, Lane 56, Sec. 3,
Hsin-Sheng South Road
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Tel:(886-2)363-7929, 363-7785

Our History:

In 1982, a small group of professional women in Taipei decided to put out a monthly magzine, Awakening (Fu Nu Shin Chih), in order to supplement their informal discussions with an organization that would raise female consciousness, encourage self-development and voice feminist opinions. Mainly dependent on personal donations,volunteer work and very limited subscriptions, it has had a long struggle for survival before finally gaining social support and recognition. In mid-1987, its executive committee passed a resolution to raise enough fund to register itself as the Awakening Foundation so that ie would have a better financial structure and be abele to organize women more effectively. In October, 1987, the Awakening Foundation was formally organized.

Our Objectives:

  1. To promote concern about women's issues and to vocalize women's opinions.
  2. To raise female consciousness and to encourage self-development.
  3. To offer assistance to women in need.
  4. To work toward an equal, just, humane and harmonious society for both sexes.

Our Regular Activities:

  1. Publishing the monthly magazine, the Awakening, and books concerning women's issues and gender relations.
  2. Arranging for the general public large-scale activites corresponding to the foundation's objectives, such activities may include exhibitions, lectures, seminars, group discussions, etc.
  3. Giving press conferences and public speeches and taking immediate actions in response to current social events concerning women's rights.
  4. Conducting training programs for members and other interested people to elevate understanding of women's situations and of other social issues.

Taiwan Women's Forum